Thursday, Dec. 13, the Lincoln County School Board met.

As the meeting began, Jacob Lester and his show choir stepped in and sang a few Christmas songs for the board. Lester also took a moment to mention the upcoming Winter Concert, in which all of the choirs will perform.

Next, the school reports were heard. First came a report from Alamo, where one of the students related the story behind the poinsettia, a popular symbol of the season in Mexico, as well as a report on the school’s twelve days of Christmas activity, where they explored different cultures during the holiday season and learned more about each celebration.

Next came CO Bastian, where the faculty was happy to report that a study by the Department of Juvenile Justice had recently surveyed their students. During this survey, members of the student body were asked questions relating to their experiences in the school. In every category studied, according to the survey, CO Bastian scored anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent higher than the national average.

Next came the board’s recognition of Carolyn Harr, who will be leaving at the beginning of the year as her replacement, Carol Hansen, won the election this past November. Harr has been a member of the board for four years and is excited to begin her next adventure.

It was mentioned that the National Association of School Boards, and Nevada’s Republican and Democratic Senators, recognized Harr’s service and thanked her for it.

After that, the board reviewed some small changes to the budget for the 2019 school year. Following this, the board approved the resignation of Kenneth Higbee from the school district.

Next up, the board approved Sherry Spencer’s professional development days. She will visit Norway to study their education system. This trip was repeatedly referred to as a professional excursion, and “not a vacation.” Considering that the district has been dedicating some time to studying Norway’s system, Spencer noted that this seemed like a good opportunity to explore the foreign nation’s methods.

Lastly, Alamo announced that they have chosen their new paraprofessional, Robert Foremaster.

The meeting ended with Carolyn Harr hitting the gavel one last time, and then the meeting was adjourned until January.