On Dec. 19, the city of Caliente’s planning commission held its regularly scheduled meeting.

At the start of the meeting, it was announced that the Bradshaw Law Group is renting room 12 in the Caliente Depot, not room 112, as printed in the paper.

The majority of the time was spent discussing billboards, signs, and advertising.

Maggie Orr commented that she was attending the meeting because of the proposed billboards. She stated that, “One of the things I like about US Hwy 93 is, from the turn-off at Hiko to Ely, there are no billboards. I see no reason to have them here in the Valley and Caliente. It would be ridiculous.”

Orr further noted that the town is trying to market itself as a mountain biking destination and that billboards blocking the canyon walls defeat that purpose.

YESCO Signs’ Braden Sauders stated that, “We think the area would be a perfect spot to advertise ourselves and our clients.”

Another comment was made that Ken Dixon and the planning commission drew up a very nice idea of what they want Caliente to represent, but that these billboards don’t fulfill that vision.

The board agreed to send the new zoning map from Sunrise to the council for final approval.

The discussion about opening the park restrooms during the day was tabled. Public input would be appreciated on the matter.

A draft of an ordinance for mobile food/beverage trucks was written up by City Attorney Franklin Katschke for the board to start working on.

Reviewing Chapter 15 subchapter V was on the agenda, but Alice Rodowick noted that she would like the public to be more clearly advised of the possible revision so they can participate in discussing it.

It was decided that there will be a public hearing on the billboard ordinance for citizens of Caliente at the next planning meeting on Jan. 2 at 5 p.m. Copies of the proposed ordinance can be picked up at City Hall.

The Caliente City Council helds it regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 20.

Bonni Smith spoke up about fingerprinting in marijuana facilities. She does not believe waivers should be provided given that part of the security check is to ensure that ex-felons or people with criminal records of any kind aren’t hired. She noted that people in others types of commercial employment, such as those selling liquor, are required to be fingerprinted.

Brenda Northrup, of Clover Creek Organics, then commented that the waiver for fingerprints requirements was related to the state’s business license requirements. The fingerprint waiver isn’t for a full waiver. It’s specifically for a waiver for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO). Given that all employees are already required to have fingerprints on file at the state level, there’s no need for a second set specific to Lincoln County.

City Attorney Katschke was asked to check into why this is part of the Caliente Ordinance, which was modeled on the way Mesquite drafted theirs. The worry about miscommunications between agencies was discussed, and various comments were made to the effect that the public would like to have the fingerprints on file with the LCSO.

The council approved the use of the chairs belonging to the city of Caliente by Ashley Curtis at the Caliente Fire Hall, on Feb. 6, 2019.

The new zoning maps from Sunrise Engineering were tabled because of corrections that the council wants enacted before approval is given. Katschke asked that the council review the contract he drew up with the Nevada Department of Transportation regarding the construction of the bike path on Clover Street to SR317. The contract covers concerns he and Councilman Steve Rowe have. After the council reviews the document, Katschke hopes to have the matter on the Jan. 3 meeting agenda.

The council voted to accept Bill No. 2018-04, Ordinance #188, an Ordinance of the City of Caliente annexing approximately 49.8 +/- acres owned by Amber Lee Rails.

There will be a public budget meeting Dec. 27 at 9 a.m. On the agenda is

discussion regarding the potential revenue from proposed marijuana facilities in Caliente.

The meeting will also include a presentation by Dan McArthur, the city’s certified public accountant.