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Fifteen Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) trainees spent a weekend testing their knowledge through a series of realistic drills.

Taking place at Lincoln County High School (LCHS), Dec. 26-27, the drills depicted situations the future EMTs may encounter in the field. Scenes included actors in moulage, a type of makeup making pretend injuries look very realistic.

The 15 students are close to completing their coursework and will take their final tests in February. While the drills are not required for certification, they are useful in preparing the students for a real-life emergency situation, according to County Emergency Manager Eric Holt.

Saturday, the students participated in seven different trauma “lanes” or scenarios. They treated actors pretending to suffer from injuries including amputation, evisceration, stabbing, and unconsciousness. One scene depicted a person not badly hurt but behaving erratically and brandishing a weapon. Trainees then made decisions based on each situation.

On Sunday, mass casualty drills took place. Students responded to a school shooting scene, a large-scale pill party, and an earthquake.

Around 15 to 20 volunteer actors participated, and Dave Martin and Ashley Ross of Caliente did the moulage.

“They’re really good makeup artists and did a fantastic job for us,” Holt said, adding his appreciation for all the volunteers and Principal Marty Soderborg and Lincoln County High School, who provided the facility. Holt also thanked instructors Beau Carlson and Heather Boyce for teaching the course.

“I feel like it went really well,” Holt added. “The students are showing good ability to demonstrate what they’ve learned. It shows that they’re learning the subject matter. We have a really strong class.”

It has been years since such a large group has taken the EMT course, according to Holt, who is excited to increase the number of certified EMTs in the county.

“To have 15 students in the class, and approved to test, we’re just thrilled to have that many students,” he said. “Not only that many students, but it’s a solid group of people.”