In the recent issue of Ruralite Magazine, a trade magazine for electric companies in the Western United States, Lincoln County Power District (LCPD) General Manager Dave Luttrell wrote an article outlining the focus of the improvements to be made to the infrastructure and service to LCPD customers.

Luttrell mentioned his appreciation for all who took time to read and understand the serious impacts Ballot Measure 3 would have caused, had it passed in November, not only to the state, but to Lincoln County and rural Nevada as well.

In his article, Luttrell noted that LCPD has been reconstructing three miles of distribution line in Meadow Valley. In addition, numerous poles have been replaced on the power line supplying Rachel and Penoyer Valley. High- voltage bushings have been replaced on the two reconditioned main transformers located near Moapa Valley that supply all of county.

Work is also underway to change out wood poles on the main transmission line in the Delamar Valley area.

Work is nearing completion on the new headquarters building near Panaca. LCPD has been in its current headquarters in Caselton since 1936.

Luttrell said, “To make the move as cost-effective as possible, our relocation will still take several years to complete. Our new administration office and operations building will soon be ready for use. And during 2019, we will work on other improvements at the site and construction of a new warehouse and shop building scheduled for 2020.”

He continued, “We are proud of our record as one of Nevada’s lowest cost electric utilities and will always strive to provide long-term rate stability for our customers. Providing safe, reliable, and affordable energy always has been and always will be our highest priority. We are proud that our service rates have not increased since October 2013. Despite cost increases in wholesale power markets, we’ve taken pains to keep our rates low where they are for at least 12 more months.”