The musical arts students of Lincoln County came together for their traditional Christmas concert Dec. 19.

The bands ranged in experience and age from those who had participated for half a decade to those who had just recently began developing their harmonious talents. Jacob Lester, who has been the music teacher for the high school for the last decade, began the concert by expressing his regard for the musical arts and his gratefulness towards the parents and kids that help keep this program going. He also encouraged the continued support of the community to help “keep music alive in Lincoln County.”

The concert began with the National Anthem. The first band, made up of sixth graders who were just learning their instruments, began the night on a comical note with “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer,” by Randy Brooks. The polka-like tune brought a smile to faces.

The bands continued to take the stage with each group showing a remarkable improvement as the students grew in age and experience. Lester pointed this fact out to the audience, noting that as the kids are more and more involved in the program, they would would witness for themselves how much their talent grew, asking parents to join him in supporting their musical talents. The bands performed a variety of songs from classic givings to the more intense and modern takes on the holiday fare, each one bringing thoughts of Christmas cheer to all who listened.

Finally, the show choir took the stage, offering their own take on the Christmas season in song and dance, with each of their members showing their diverse talents to the audience.