Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce met.

The first order of business was to review the two new videos uploaded to the Pioche website depicting the various Labor Day activities. The chamber agreed that the videos were well-made and couldn’t wait to see new additions to this video library in the near future.

Next up was a report on the new shooting site built just south of the highway at the base of the mountain. While the location is not ready for use quite yet, two of the three trap setups have been installed. Additional licensing is required for the third trap. While there’s still more work to do, the range is on the cusp of completion. The chamber agrees it could breathe some much- needed life into the northern county.

After this, the chamber expressed dissatisfaction with how the snow was piled up on the sidewalks during the last snowfall. It was mentioned that the town used to dump the snow in an open lot by the Catholic cemetery. No one knew why this practice was halted. Whatever the case, the chamber is looking for a better way to deal with the snow.

Moving on to grants, the chamber reported that one of its brochure grants was not accepted. The website maintenance grant and digital and paper media advertising grants were approved.

From there, the chamber switched focus to the Labor Day committee. While there’s plenty of time before the celebrations, there was news on the T-shirts that the committee is planning on using this coming year. The previous shirts cost too much, and a better source has been located. The committee also approved the theme for the celebration, which is “150 years old and still kicking …” followed by the image of a donkey.

After reviewing the beautification issues facing the town, it was determined to be the county commission’s responsibility to enforce the statutes that require people to take better care of their property.

With that, the chamber’s meeting came to a close until next month.