The Alamo Town Board met on Jan. 16.

Kris Higbee submitted her letter of resignation to the board as she will be pursuing a new venture. Her last day will be Jan. 31. Finding a new hire to fill Higbee’s position will be placed on the agenda for next month.

The board agreed to obtain an estimate of cement needed for various jobs, including handicapped access to the Little League field. There was no update on a Nevada Bank and Trust card for getting fuel for any equipment used for the town.

In order to finish the softball field’s six-foot fence project, Mike Sparrow needed more than $5,000. As a result, Sparrow reused mesh, top rails, and hardware to create a four-foot fence and save money for the town. The total will now be less than $4,000.

The poles were put into the ground and cemented in. A little more cement is needed to complete the project. Sparrow would like to use any mesh leftover from the fence to separate the bullpen.

Logan Hansen is looking at dates to finish up his Eagle Scout project with the softball field. In total, $1,100 went towards reconfiguring sprinklers and 1,200 feet of pipe went in the ground to redo the system. Lowe’s fencing materials cost $1,100-1,200 and $600 was spent on cement.

There are two light poles in the drainage basin now. The current electrical connectors are not watertight, so the town needs to purchase 12 watertight connectors for $20 a piece. The power company will install them for free.

After its review of recent water bills, the Lincoln County School District asked to put taking over the baseball field on hold.

Last year, between May and August, the town spent $1,771.08 for the baseball field, $1,455 for the softball field, and $1,364 for water for the Little League Field. This next summer, during those months, the cost for water, projected with the new rates, is $3,462 for the baseball field, $1,579 for the softball field, and $3,055 for the Little League field.

Vern Holaday will check with Megan Foremaster about the irrigation rate for the baseball and Little League fields.

Board members were concerned about being able to pay for the grass in the fields in the future. Holaday and Lonny Walch plan to meet with Mike Strong to negotiate a higher rate with the Lincoln County School District to help compensate for the water-rate increase.

The state will not allow the town to break up the RTC project into phases like the birm for flood control, an added parking area with valley drainage, and more drainage into the basin. The board needs to redo the process and obtain three bids that it can then choose from. A meeting with the RTC board has been requested in the next couple of weeks to clarify what can be done moving forward regarding payment of distribution funds.