On Monday, Jan. 14, the members of the Panaca Town Board met. During the public comment section of the meeting, District Attorney Dylan Frehner introduced his assistant, April Bradshaw, to the board. After this, the board went through the usual business before moving on to the parcel split of Sarah Getker’s property. She wants to build another house on the new parcel, which the board approved.

Next up was a discussion about the repairs that need to be done on the town hall, which include the sidewalks and the conduits on the front of the building. The sidewalks have a lot of potholes and the conduits pose a serious tripping threat. However, the question of who should pay for the repairs was uncertain. The board decided to table the issue until the next meeting when the necessary research had been conducted.

The board formally approved the purchase of battery tenders and the selling of the current Christmas lights to buy new LED ones.

The sale of the town hall’s surplus chairs was also brought up and then tabled for further discussion at the next meeting.

The board discussed who will be in charge of snow removal for the town on the weekends. It’s in the Farmstead’s contract, but the Farmstead’s employees don’t work on the weekends, so that poses a problem. The board decided that this was an issue that needed to be brought before the Farmstead during their next meeting.

Finally, it was reported that the person who damaged the park a few months ago has not done a single part of public service. This is a direct violation of the guilty party’s agreement, so the board will take the issue to the sheriff’s office. With that, the board adjourned until the next meeting in February.