Natural disasters of unprecedented magnitude happened all throughout 2018, from devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia, to flooding in Japan, volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, fires in California, and hurricanes all along the southeastern coast of the United States. Watching the disasters unfold on the news, viewers wondered, “How can I help? What can I do?”

The need for aid after a natural disaster is visually obvious and immediate. Food, shelter, clothing, medical help, etc., are critical both for survival and recovery.

However, in Lincoln County, there is a need that is, perhaps, not as obvious or open, but which is there nonetheless. Many people in the county do not have enough money to cover all their needs. Basic hygiene necessities like toothpaste and shampoo are often overlooked in favor of paying for food or medication.

The Panaca Stake Relief Society is teaming up with Lincoln County Human Services to gather and distribute hygiene articles to those in need. We are asking for your help. During the month of February, boxes titled “Heart to Heart” will be placed in public areas throughout the county. Items can be placed in the boxes and will be collected by someone from the Relief Society. The Relief Society will take the donations to Human Services, who will distribute them.

Items requested are toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap, bodywash, Depends, and deodorant for both men and women. You may not be able to help people with flooded homes in Louisiana, but you can help your local neighbors. Please contribute.