By Collin Anderson

Courtesy Photo

On Jan. 11, Lincoln County was host to the talents of the Missoula Children’s Theatre and its rendition of Pinocchio, the classic tale of a puppet learning to be a real boy. The cast included children from all over Pioche, Caliente and Panaca.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre is no stranger to Lincoln County and has helped kids from all over the country perform a wide variety of plays. The theater brings everything necessary to put on a show in the community where they will perform. They provide everything from costumes to scripts, but lack one very important element: actors! Two helpers choreograph any dance numbers included in the play and teach the other actors (children from the area) their lines and cues. These trained professionals participate in the play, helping to guide the children towards a successful show.

This play was highly requested, and tells the classic tale of Pinocchio (played by the talented Ava Markarian), the hapless but well-meaning puppet, in his quest to escape con-men, outwit evil puppet masters, overcome the temptations of Pleasure Island, save his father from the jaws of an evil whale, and finally, learn what it is to be a real boy.

The play was well attended, and each of the players did their parts beautifully. It seemed as if the actors had been practicing for weeks, not days.

Everyone in attendance had a wonderful time, laughing at the silly songs, reeling in fright at the terrible Stromboli and rejoicing as Pinocchio finally earned his place as a real boy.