By Marinda Lamb

By Morgan Stackhouse

Senior KyLee Cameron looks to score in Lincoln County High’s 43-point win against Mountain View.

Mountain View was crushed by a whopping 43 points by the Lincoln County High girls basketball team on Friday, Feb. 8 in Panaca.

Coach Duane Wadsworth said, “The girls did really good. It also makes us look good because we played a weaker team. The girls did very well though. I’m proud of them. They’re working hard. We’re just trying to get ready for the division tournament and hopefully for state, too.”

The Lady Lynx came out and capitalized on Mountain View right from the start. Holding the Saints to only two points in the first half allowed the Lynx to gain a substantial lead. The girls continued to play tough and refused to let Mountain View get anything easy. Lincoln ultimately took the win, 49-6.

Kendra Mathews scored nine points. Sadie Soderborg was right behind her with eight. Keely Jackson and Lexi Long both made six.

Lincoln County will conclude their regular season with a home game against Lake Mead Christian Academy on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 3:00 p.m.

Wadsworth said, “We should do good this weekend. Lake Mead is not an easy team; they’re getting better and doing good. They gave us a pretty good game on their court. We’re just going to have to really work hard and play good this weekend. The girls are doing good and working really hard, and hopefully it all pays off in divisions and hopefully, in state.”

Lincoln is now 13-10 overall and 11-2 in the 2A Southern League. That puts them in second, right ahead of Lake Mead (12-6, 10-3).