Alamo Sewer and Water met Feb. 5.

Aaron Hagfeldt and Ross Stirling were elected chairman and vice chairman of the board, respectively.

Farr West Engineering provided an update that Alamo Sewer and Water’s GID Arsenic Compliance project was listed as number three on the State Revolving Fund’s priority list, along with a new source of storage as number five.

The board extensively discussed a possible policy for changing the current size of meters. The topic was tabled until next month and a committee will be formed to research the matter further.

Lonny Walch went before the board on behalf of the Alamo Town Board, inquiring whether there is any possible relief for the town when it comes to future water bills. The board has been working with the school district to come to an agreement where the school will take over responsibility for maintaining the baseball field. The school district put the agreement on hold once again because with the new rate increase for water, the district felt like the amount of money for water would be too much of a financial burden.

The board ran numbers and estimations for how much money it costs the town to supply water during the summer months for all of the different ballfields. This raised some concerns in regards to how the board will be able to pay for watering the fields this summer.

The board discussed several possibilities moving forward for the town. A committee was assigned to discuss options further which include Walch, Vern Holladay and Ross Stirling. The issue was then tabled until next month.

The board approved Crystal Zander’s refund for the sewer hook-up that hasn’t yet been installed on her property.

Irrigation water shares are up for lease. They are $30 per share. People can turn in bids to Alamo Sewer and Water before 3:00 p.m. on March 5. Winning bids will need to be paid within 30 days. On May 1, an interest penalty will begin to accrue for any unpaid bids. People will be responsible for using their shares with the current irrigation schedule.

In the employee report, the district finally got Jim Poulsen’s cell number transferred. Paden Higbee already has a cell phone and doesn’t want to carry two, so the board suggested either transferring Higbee’s number to the district’s account or reimbursing him as necessary.

There were two service lines in Yoppsville that had problems. The slip coupling saddle area needs to have the whole section replaced. One of the pumps at the station that needed fixing is now back up and running. The repairs cost $600.

The Sandhill well’s screen brushing turned out well. The cleaning didn’t change the arsenic levels, which are still under compliance. The suggestion was made to offer testing of other people’s wells around the valley.