On Monday, Feb. 12, the Panaca Town Board gathered for its regularly scheduled meeting.

After approving agendas and paying bills, the board heard Ray Finlinson’s presentation on his upcoming Eagle Scout project which involves constructing a “Welcome to Panaca” sign. While there is already a sign on one end of town, placing an additional sign on the other side will ensure that people entering and leaving the county will feel welcomed.

Some board members asked what materials the sign will be made out of, and how often such a sign will need to be maintained. Finlinson responded that he needs permission to build the sign before he can begin researching materials and costs. This is because any work done before obtaining the board’s permission won’t count towards his Eagle Scout hours. Once this was explained, the board was happy to approve the project so long as, after doing his research, Finlinson brings them an accurate design and cost sheet which will allow the board to project future costs for funding the sign.

Next up, the board discussed the repairs that need to be done to the town hall, but since some managerial changes among the RTC have delayed communication, the board tabled the issue until it can determine who’s responsible for funding the repairs.

After this came the managerial report. The town manager inquired about selling the town’s old chairs as discussed at a previous meeting. The board decided to have a garage sale at which the old Christmas lights will also be for sale. The sale will likely be the weekend before July 24, pending an inventory.

After discussing the possibility of having fireworks at the upcoming Fourth of July celebration, the board adjourned the meeting.