Sarah Judd
Nearly 350 people packed Pahranagat Valley High School’s multipurpose room for the annual credit union member meeting.

The Pahranagat Valley Federal Credit Union held its 60th annual meeting on Feb. 5. Three hundred and forty-eight members gathered at Pahranagat Valley High School to hear about the credit union’s progress this past fiscal year. Rapport served food, and then attendees were welcomed by Steve Roemer, the board president.

Last year’s minutes were read by Taunya Mortensen. Paul Matthews led the election of board members, and Sean Stewart and Robin Simmers were re-elected for another two years. Simmers gave the treasurer’s report. The credit union’s total assets are $22.6 million. It currently has 2,212 shared accounts.

The credit union’s involvement with the local schools continues to include donations for grade incentives and scholarships. This year, a change was made to the School Savings program. A new School Savings program box was placed in Pahranagat Valley Elementary School’s office. The box was built by Doug Miller, and Heidi Leavitt did the art around it. This year, instead of students handing money to their teachers to send to the office, they have been given the responsibility of dropping their labeled deposits in the new box.

Each meeting attendee, sixteen years and older, received a coupon for one percent off a qualified rate on loans that can be used at anytime in the year towards one loan. The credit union was also able to once again provide an interest rebate on loans for members. The rebate was for interest paid on loans this past year, and was deposited into members’ savings accounts.

Robin Simmers added, “The meeting went really good. The credit union is still good and strong. We like to give back to our members, so it was nice to have another year where we could do interest rebates on loans.”