A cooperative agreement was signed Feb. 19 for the shared-use bike paths along SR317 from Kershaw-Ryan State Park to Depot Avenue.

The pact is between the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners and the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) in the proposed amount of $831,910. District Attorney Dylan Frehner said the city of Caliente has made a separate agreement with the NDOT with the county and city funding about $40,000. Caliente will be in charge of doing all the maintenance of the paths. In addition, Nevada State Parks will provide some funding for the project.

Frehner said any cost overruns from the proposed figure will be the responsibility of the NDOT.

County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle said there is a plan “to stripe a bike lane in a section of Clover Street at Depot Avenue, southward to where Clover Street intersects with SR 317, then stay primarily on the west side of the road all the way to Kershaw-Ryan. It will be for shared use, bikes and pedestrians.”

Lytle thought the project will “help promote the hiking and biking trails that are being developed around Caliente. Kershaw-Ryan is planning on some upgrades; the Barnes Canyon trails are in full swing and the technical bike track over by the city swimming pool.”

Lytle said he felt the project is a good one. “We had it slated as a high priority shared-use path in our own planning documents. It’s a good thing, and I think it will benefit both the city and Kershaw-Ryan a lot. People from town will be using it also. They enjoy the pathways and hiking and biking trails. It’s going to be a good thing.”

After a brief discussion, commissioners gave unanimous approval to the agreement.

It has not yet been determined when the work of striping the bike path will begin or how long it might take to complete the project.