The Alamo Power Board met Jan. 22.

Shana Loveday and Mike Prince were unanimously nominated as president and vice president, respectively. Luke Hatch and Mike Prince were also unanimously nominated to sit on the Board of Trustees.

Ken Maxwell informed the board that all of the paperwork and applications has been completed with the Cooperative Finance Corporation so when the district needs to purchase materials for upgrades to the system, there will be $250,000 available for a loan.

The district only received one sealed bid for the 1980 Ford Bucket Truck. The sealed bid was opened and the winning bid was awarded to Jay Schofield for $1,507.

The board discussed three options for a new legal counsel. The first is to find an attorney to put on retainer. The second is to find an attorney to put on contract as needed. Finally, since this is a 318 district and under the direction of the county commissioners, the acting district attorney could serve as legal counsel. This topic will be discussed further next month.

In the manager’s report, Maxwell reported that the jobs completed were taking down the Christmas lights, the first vertical angle pole change-out and more insular change-outs. Also, the Digger Derick truck has been delivered.

Ongoing and upcoming jobs include David Johnson’s three-phase service upgrade, the Whipple Ranch primary underground new service and the Church Ranch’s new home service. The future EV charging station joint project with Lincoln County Power District (LCPD) is still ongoing. Robert Park is still attending school.

The outage on Jan. 5 was due to an accumulation of bird droppings on a clamp top insulator causing a flashover when it got wet.

The outage on Jan. 21 was a pole fire on a 230 kv feeder to a Tortoise substation. The LCPD diverted to Las Vegas to restore power at approximately 11:15 a.m to Lincoln County. Mesquite, Logandale and Overton did not have restored power until 4:45 p.m.