Three-time defending champ Lincoln County High baseball returns with Coach Raymond Wadsworth at the helm once again. It will be his seventh year as head coach.

Feb. 28-March 1, the boys went to Las Vegas to scrimmage against Boulder City High School.

“It went well,” Wadsworth said. “We didn’t have a full team because of state basketball, but it was good. Anytime you’re out on the field, playing, swinging and getting any type of game-time experience is a really good thing,” said Wadsworth.

There are eight returning seniors this year and eight returning starters.

The returning seniors are: Kobe Walker (shortstop, pitcher); Mckinley O’Connor (catcher, third); Kamdon Lewis (left); Alex Vincent (shortstop, second); Tommy Rowe (second, left); Hunter Cluff (right); Damon Liveri (first) and Braxton Tingey (first).

Juniors Mason Thornock (center, third); Dean Ottley (center, right) and Dylan Robinson (left, center) are returning.

Juniors Ashton Miller, Chris Mangum, Wyatt Cole and Wyatt Woodworth will be joining varsity this year.

Matt Hafen (center), Kobe Kelley (second) and Talon Phillips (first) are the team’s returning sophomores.

“From the scrimmage, the things that I took away are that we need to work on everything,” Wadsworth said. “Technically, it was our fourth practice, and baseball’s a lot different from other sports. There’s so many different aspects of athleticism during baseball. It’s not just running and shooting the ball or running in the right hole for football or whatever. There’s just so many different things you need to do, and in order for that to happen you need time. Goal wise: just take everything day by day and plan to do all that we can to improve,” said Wadsworth.

Last year, the baseball team made it all the way to the state championship and won it for the third time in a row, beating Yerington 13-5.

March 7, the boys will travel to Las Vegas for the Sundevil Invitational. Their first game will be at 3 p.m. against Chaparral.

Wadsworth said, “I don’t know how this weekend will go. It’s a big school tournament. We’re the smallest school there; most schools are 4A. Last year we won the tournament, so we’ll see how this year goes.”