The Pahranagat Valley Fire District met Feb. 19.  

It was reported that the third ambulance will be coming back down to Alamo from the Hiko barn.

Fire Chief Steve Meldrum reported that he located reel-up cords and hung them in the Hiko station. He plans to hang two reel-ups in the Alamo barn, the fire station and in Richardville. Meldrum would like to order Kussmaul ejectors to help eject the cords when not in use.  

The Hiko barn needs two to three tables, an air compressor and a battery charger.  Meldrum and the board agreed to order three air compressors for each location.

In district management, there were twelve calls for January. Only three calls were billable. There were no write-offs and the Pool Pac insurance no longer works with Stryker grants anymore, so a third Stryker gurney is currently not possible through a grant. This might change in the future.