In February, Lincoln County’s elementary students were invited to participate in the yearly Granny’s Attic art contest.

The antiques business, based out of Panaca, has held the contest for the last few years and has seen a wide variety of submissions from students of all ages. Each prospective entry starts out as a black and white coloring page, with this year’s image being that of an elderly lady dancing and kicking her feet up in the air, with the words “Granny’s Attic Rocks!” at the bottom of the page.

The students color in the page and add details as they see fit. Many of the winning submissions included additions such as a grassy field, and some changed the scene to make it look like the granny in question was in the attic, tying into the name of the business. Both parents and teachers were reportedly thrilled by the competition due to the fact that it gave these young artists an outlet to let their talents be used and recognized.

This year saw three winners emerge from each of the schools.

Panaca: Madee, fifth grade; Kenley and Jexton (who worked on their page as a team), second grade; Preston, kindergarten.

Pioche: Remington, fifth grade; Jenica, third grade; Logan, pre-K.

Caliente: Connor, fifth grade; Dani, third grade; Penny, kindergarten.