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The Lincoln County High baseball team took home the Sun Devil tournament first-place trophy for the second year in a row.

March 7-9, Lincoln County High baseball played in the Sun Devil Invitational in Las Vegas and returned from the tournament with a first-place trophy.

This is the Lynx second year in a row winning the tournament.

Lincoln played its first game for placement on March 7, against Chaparral High School. Talon Phillips started the game pitching and was able to keep Chaparral off balance, striking out two. Lincoln scored three runs in the first inning, giving the team a solid start. However, their defense struggled and allowed Chaparral to cut their six-run lead to two in the final inning. Lincoln was able to hold onto that lead and won 9-7.

The next day, Lincoln played Del Sol for another placement game. Mathew Hafen pitched and kept Del Sol on their toes with his curveball. Lincoln started to get back in the swing of things and their defense improved. By the fourth inning, the Lynx had the lead, 9-3. Both teams had one more run in the last inning and it sealed the win, along with Lincoln?s spot as first seed in the tournament.

Dean Ottley hit 2 for 4, one of which was a grand slam with five runs batted in.

As first seed in the tournament, Lincoln played Del Sol again on the final day of the competition. Mason Thornock pitched this game. The boys? defense improved, but their offense struggled a little. Nevertheless, they were able to work in some hits and earned the win, 9-2.

In the semifinal, Lincoln played their first opponent, Chaparral High School. Kobe Walker pitched a shutout and the Lynx conquered Chaparral in six innings, 4-0.

Lincoln made it to the championship game to play Clark. Phillips pitched again, only giving up one run. In the sixth inning, Lincoln was up 2-1. The boys were finally able to capitalize on Clark?s errors and hit some well-timed hits to get the win, 6-1.

?Our defense struggled in the first couple games, which is normal for early in the season,? said Coach Raymond Wadsworth, ?but it got better with every game. 5-0 is always a good thing. We pitched well and hit pretty good. This early in the season, I couldn?t be more pleased. I?m excited for this season and hope we are able to play well every game and accomplish all the goals we have set.?

On March 19, Lincoln will travel to Las Vegas to play Adelson High School at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.