As a descendent of the “McKenna Clan” from the Emerald Island, I look forward to writing about St. Patrick’s Day and Estate Planning.

So, you are asking, “What does March 17th and the accompanying holiday have to do with Wills and Trusts or Probate and Estate Administration?” I will share three points that I hope you will find interesting.

FIRST – Death: Both estate planning and St. Patrick’s Day have a principle element related to death. Saint Patrick died March 17, 461. He returned to Ireland not to drive out snakes but as the first Christian Priest. Since March 17th 461 A.D., millions of people around the world have honored St. Patrick by celebrating his date of death on St. Patrick’s Day with Irish festivities.

Estate planning is to plan for one’s own death. As Saint Patrick died and is remembered, we will all die. How will we be remembered? Estate planning allows us the opportunity to not leave our affairs in disarray for those we love.

SECOND – Pinching: Growing up in Las Vegas, I never wanted to forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. If I dressed on March 17 and forgot to wear green, my mom would gently pinch me. Her pinch was much kinder than the pinches delivered in my Third Grade classroom.

So, “pinch” a loved one or pinch yourself about getting your estate planning done or updated. It is much better than a painful experience if it does not get done.

THIRD – Celebration: I am personally pretty boring when it comes to a party, but the Irish like to celebrate. Green Whiskey and Green Beer are common and since 1962 the City of Chicago turns the Chicago River Green with 400,000 spectators watching.

The signing of your estate planning documents will not “turn rivers green,” but should create a personal or family celebration.

Having served clients as an estate planning attorney for 24 years, I have heard hundreds of clients “celebrate” the signing of their documents and often state, “Wow! This feels great and was a lot easier than I thought.”

So, with a four leaf clover in your up-to-date estate planning binder and a little leprechaun luck to ensure that it will not be needed for a good many years, I conclude my article on St. Patrick’s Day and estate planning!

Jeffery J. McKenna is a local attorney serving clients in Nevada, Arizona and Utah. He is a shareholder at the law firm of Barney McKenna & Olmstead, PC, with offices in Mesquite and St. George. If you have questions you would like addressed in these articles, you can contact him at (435) 628-1711 or