The Lincoln County High softball team picked up wins in Vegas during their second tournament of the season, March 14-16.

They had their first game on Thursday against Indian Springs. The ladies improved in their batting from the last tournament, scoring two runs in the beginning of the first inning. Lexi Long hit a ball to second and got out on first, and Baylee Cameron hit a fly out to center, getting the third out. The Lynx also did well in fielding as they held Indian Springs to no runs, ending the inning 2-0.

During the second inning, KyLee Cameron got on first and stole all the way home. Following her, six more players made it home until they got the third out, giving the Lynx seven runs for that inning. Sadie Soderborg struck out Indian Springs’ first batter, and the next girl up made it to second base. The third batter struck out and the Lynx got the third out at first, keeping them with no runs. Both teams did well in the third inning with the Lynx and Indian Springs both scoring one run. Ultimately, the Lynx won, 10-1.

Friday, the Lynx played Arizona Lutheran. Their first up at bat, Macie Howard, got the first run, but the next three batters struck out. Arizona Lutheran got two runs, putting them ahead, but the Lynx quickly shut them down and ended the inning with Arizona up by one.

During the next two innings, both teams were held scoreless at 2-1. The Lynx did better in the fourth inning as they got four runs. Arizona went up to bat and got four runners in until one of the players slid into home and broke her ankle. The game was stopped as the player was provided with medical assistance and the game ended in a tie.

The Lady Lynx played Bishop later Friday evening. During their first up at bat, all three batters struck out. Bishop went up to hit and Kendra Mathews caught an infield fly to get the first out. The next two batters struck out, and the teams remained scoreless. Once again, the Lynx batters struck out, giving them no runs. They continued to struggle the rest of the game. Bishop ultimately won 5-0.

The team’s last game was Saturday against Sunrise Mountain. The Lynx scored ten runs in the first inning, and Ava Pearson got an infield home run. The Lynx continued their lead and kept Sunrise Mountain from scoring in the second inning, as well as getting two more runners in, bringing the score to 12-0.

In the third and final inning, the Lynx scored six more runs, and Sunrise Mountain were able to score two, ending the game at 18-2.

The team’s next game will be March 22 at Mountain View.