On March 9-10, the Panaca Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints held its semi-annual Stake Conference.

The conference was conducted at the Stake Center in Panaca and televised live to members in the Pahranagat Valley at the meetinghouse in Alamo. Elder Vern Stanfill, General Authority Seventy of the Church, presided over the conference.

Although the conference discussed several issues, the main topic of the event was ministering to those in need. All three members of the Stake Presidency discussed the subject, as did several other speakers.

During Saturday’s leadership session, Stanfill gave 45 minutes of instruction on how to properly minister to those in need. He discussed both temporal and spiritual needs, and how each member of the church should be seeking out ways to fulfill those needs.

It was pointed out in the conference that although members have ministering assignments, their service is not restricted to those they are assigned to. The leadership encouraged members to seek the guidance through prayer to direct them to those who need their help, not only within the church, but to all who live within the community. The Saints were encouraged to do everything within their power to serve and uplift their fellow beings.