Dave Maxwell
Harley Harris conducts a hunter education course Mar. 9 at the Pahranagat Valley Elementary School.

Harley Harris, Nevada Highway Patrol trooper, and retired Pahranagat Valley Elementary School teacher Gary Jorgensen conducted an all-day hunter education course in the multipurpose room at Pahranagat Valley Elementary School, Mar. 9.

It’s a course Harris said he has been teaching through the Nevada Department of Wildlife twice a year, spring and fall, “for about a dozen years or so.”

The purpose of the course, he explained, is to help new hunters, or up-and-coming hunters of any age to be able to buy a state hunting license. Beginners have to be at least 12 years old. An optional course for fishermen is also available.

Harris said there were 31 who signed up for the hunter education course, including some from other towns. “There were even five or six adults this time, too.”

The 8-10 hour class involves classroom and hands-on instruction with a written test administered at the end.

“Those attending have to have completed a workbook prior to attending the class. We grade the tests at the time,” he said, “and usually have a 100 percent success rate. Not always, but usually.”

Harris said Jorgensen will be taking over the class as the primary instructor for future sessions.