Traveling to Vegas last weekend, the Lincoln County High softball team played their first league game against Mountain View, March 22.

The Saints were no match for the Lynx, as Lincoln won both games,19-0 and 28-0.

Junior Sadie Soderborg started out the game pitching, striking out the first three batters and bringing the Lady Lynx in to hit. The first two batters got walked and Soderborg hit, getting two RBIs. As the first inning went on, the Lynx continued to get walked until they led off early, getting three outs and ending the inning 11-0.

Soderborg pitched well as she struck out Mountain View’s batters. The Lynx got up to bat again and were walked until Laura Pearson hit and got on first, bringing in a runner. The Lynx scored eight runs during the inning. Mountain View went up to bat again but struck out, ending the game with the Lady Lynx winning 19-0.

The next game, Junior Macie Howard batted first, making it to first base, followed by senior KyLee Cameron, who hit a deep ball to left and got to third base with an RBI. The Lynx ended with 12 runs and headed out to the field.

Sophomore Lexi Long pitched and the team did well in the field, getting the first three batters out. Up to bat again, the Lynx continued to score. Senior Laura Pearson got two RBIs and got on third base. The Lynx scored 16 runs in the inning.

The Lady Lynx will be traveling to Calvary Chapel High School on April 1 for their next two games.