Lincoln County Commissioners heard a presentation March 18 by political commentator Rob Lauer regarding state Senate Bill 143 which will require background checks on all gun sales, including those between private parties.

Lauer writes for, a conservative website.

Chairman Varlin Higbee, and members Nathan Katschke and Bevin Lister, expressed their frustration over Governor Sisolak and the Democrat- controlled legislature for ignoring the concerns of most of the state about the gun background check law and a number of other related issues.

Commissioners Kevin Phillips and Jared Brackenbury were absent, but Higbee said he had spoken to both of them and understood “they feel the same way, too. I think whatever we do, it will be a unanimous vote.”

During the discussions, Sheriff Kerry Lee said while the officers of his department have the professionalism and experience of departments in larger cities, he felt SB 143 is, “Unenforceable. The law is completely unenforceable, and I don’t think we should seek to spend the time and resources of our department to try and enforce it. Instead, we have bigger problems to address and should be pointing resources in that direction.”

Higbee said the board will be asking District Attorney Dylan Frehner “to change the language a little bit” in a resolution Lauer is suggesting.

Another option that was discussed, Higbee said, “was an ordinance declaring all of Lincoln County a gun range. The law really doesn’t apply on a shooting range. And another option we discussed was joining with a number of other counties in a class action lawsuit.”

However, he said the resolution will not likely be available for review until later in the spring.

A March 19 article by Lauer included a list of several Nevada County Commission boards that have also passed resolutions declaring their counties to be 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries, stating their belief that the law violates the U.S. and state constitutions and turns law-abiding citizens into criminals.