Submitted by Dana Lee Fruend

Dana Lee Fruend
From left, Wes Holt, Leonard Smith, Charlie Monroe Hazel Rice and Bernie Beane were honored during a Lincoln County Legacy Celebration at the Depot.

On March 22, Kevin and Rhea Moore Roberts of Las Vegas and Caliente hosted a Lincoln County legacy celebration.

This historic event celebrated residents of Lincoln County who are 90 and above.

Guests arrived to see a beautifully decorated, railroad-themed Caliente Depot filled with large posters of the honorees and old pictures of Caliente, the Railroad Depot and more.

Rhea Moore Roberts is sister to Ashley Moore and daughter of Ralph Moore of Caliente.

Roberts grew up in Lincoln County and has family here. She and her husband are returning home to start a new business up on Highland Knolls.

The legacy event honored Wes and Charlene Holt, Hazel Rice, Dot Carter, Francis Harrington, Charlie Monroe, Bernie Beane and Lenard Smith, all ranging in ages from 90 to 98. Many others were invited but were unable to attend due to health-related problems or inability to travel.

People from the community stopped in to say hello to old friends they had not seen in a while. Paul Fruend visited with his son Edward Fruend as did Rosemary Davis, Teri Phillips, Linda Holt, Ashley Moore and family, Cory Wadsworth, Gordon Wadsworth and his family and others.

Rhea Roberts said, “These people are so precious to us and to our community. We are so blessed to honor them for their love, service and contribution to Lincoln County.”

Roberts plans on doing several other legacy celebrations for folks in their 70s and 80s.

Stories were told, and all had a joy-filled time.

Guests were treated to lunch with a delicious birthday cake and song to close out the festivities.