The Alamo Town Board met February 13.

The CEO, CFO and other representatives of the Girl Scouts were in attendance in order to become more involved and aware of the events in Alamo. They were happy to be a new part of this community and stated that they would love to answer any questions people have. A lockbox has been put on their properties in order to facilitate access in case of any emergencies.

The Girl Scouts are excited to get troops to visit the six parcels they now run.

In parks and recreation, the town received $2,500 from room tax that can be used for parks. The rodeo grounds brought in revenue of $1,034. Of that, $400 came from a roping event and the rest was from the honor box. The money was sent to the county treasurer to add towards the parks.

There are some maintenance issues in the children’s park. The water is not shutting off, and there are issues in the bathrooms. Also, the rodeo arena lights are not shutting off and the main gets shut off, causing the concession stand and other amenities to turn off.

The Lincoln County auditors were present and noted that the town hasn’t spent its capital project money since 2005 until present, which has accumulated to $17,504. The town can only use $7,800 of it since that amount was added to the budget. Capital projects include new projects and improvements, but don’t include repairs. Brad Loveday and Vern Holaday were put in charge of the budget planning for the upcoming fiscal year. The credit card request through Wells Fargo was approved for fuel. A card will be given to the new maintenance person and Brad Loveday. A dropbox will be created for receipts so the town can stay on top of paying the bills in a timely fashion to avoid accruing interest.

There is still an issue with people taking their dogs into the ballfields and not cleaning up after the animals. The town is considering signage in the children’s park and investing in a dog bag station. They will be adding this to the budget meeting agenda. The town has a leash ordinance already in place.

The Little League Field requires handicapped access. The guardrail is currently in the way to access the cement for handicapped parking and access. The town is working to remedy the situation.

An update was provided on the Pahranagat Valley High School baseball field. The water board needs to take a month to assess the water cost situation and figure out a solution. Superintendent Pam Teel said she is definitely still open to going through with the deal if the water fees go down.

The board approved the hire of Jeff Harris as the new town worker. Harris knows the different machinery and understands what the job entails.

In the county commissioner’s report, twenty million dollars was spent for parks in Lincoln County and the towns can’t afford maintenance. It went to the state legislature to use Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act money for maintenance and was stonewalled in D.C. The Lands Act money can be used for some economic development. Having a Public Works Division would be a huge help if possible. Money could be administered through the county road department.