Submitted by Emily Hansen
AmeriCorps Volunteer

Pahranagat Valley High School’s student council recently hosted a blood drive. A few weeks before, they hung up posters around Alamo to invite all who were able to donate blood to attend.

On March 13, the student council took shifts at the sign-in table where people would write their names, then wait to be called. Everyone who attended the blood drive was able to donate, with or without an appointment.

A total of 28 people showed up, including students and others from around Pahranagat Valley. Twelve of the participants donated twice the usual amount of blood, giving two pints instead of just one. Everything at the donation site went smoothly, with no major mishaps.

Vitalant, the organization that provided the service, was able to collect forty pints of blood to distribute to hospitals across the United States. The student council commented that the turnout of this blood drive was better than last year’s.

“The turnout was better than expected,” said McKenzie Poulsen, Pahranagat Valley High School’s Girls’ Representative. “We would like to thank all the donors that participated.”