March 28, Lincoln County traveled to Rancho High School to participate in the Rancho Weekday #2 meet.

Alex Rowe ran in the 400m and came in at 1:02. He finished the 800m at 2:47.

Auston Marshall achieved a new personal record (PR) in the 400m at 1:06. He finished the 800m right behind Rowe at 2:48. Marshall then placed first in pole vault at 9-00.

Mcgarren Segler achieved a new season record (SR) in the 800m at 2:49. He earned another SR in the 1600m at 6:26. Segler achieved a third SR in the long jump at 13-05.

Also achieving a new SR, Hayden Showell finished the 800m at 2:50. Showell came in at 6:46 in the 1600m, and earned another new SR in long jump at 13-03.50.

Ashton Showell PR’d in the 800m at 3:09. In the 1600m, Showell came in at 7:08. He PR’d in pole vault at 6-00.

Kyle Zierow placed fourth and PR’d in the 1600m at 5:18. He threw 31-09.75 in shot put. In discus, Zierow placed second with a distance of 108-09.

Chance Christensen got an SR at 5:42 in the 1600m. He achieved another SR in the 3200m at 12:32.

Lincoln County placed first in the 4×800 relay and finished at 11:20.

Jaydon Heaton PR’d in shot put, throwing at 34-01 and placing fourth. Heaton placed third in discus at 94-03, a PR.

Trevor Frank PR’d in shot put at 22-04. Achieving another PR, he threw 44-09 in discus.

Cody Zile placed second in high jump at 5-05. He placed first and PR’d in long jump at 18-09.50, followed by achieving 39-10 in the triple jump.

Rhyan Shumway finished the 100m at 14.6 seconds. Shumway PR’d in the 200m at 30.8 seconds. In long jump, Shumway placed second with a PR of 12-08.50.

Amy Gloeckner PR’d in the 100m at 15 seconds. She finished the 200m at 33 seconds,

Natalie Wadsworth PR’d in the 200m at 34 seconds. In the 400m, Wadsworth came in at 1:16. In long jump, she PR’d and placed third at 12-05.

Nani Lebaron placed fourth in the 400m at 1:14, a PR. Placing first in the 3200m, Lebaron PR’d at 13:45.

Cora Culverwell PR’d in the 400m at 1:30.

Lincoln County placed second in the 4x200m at 2:10.

Destiny Pallaya earned a PR in shot put at 20-02.50 and in discus at 62-03.

Sara Decker threw 18-00 in shot put. Decker earned a PR in discus at 52-02.

Madison Whimple earned a new PR in shot put at 17-06.50 and in discus at 45-04.

April 5, Lincoln County will attend the Richard Lewis Invitational at Moapa High School. The first event will begin at 2:30 p.m.