An emergency of unexpected size, scope and complexity could strike in Lincoln County any time given that Pahranagat Valley sits on an earthquake fault line.

Therefore, it’s likely not a question of when an emergency or natural calamity of some kind might happen here; rather, it’s a question of whether citizens are ready.

Three things are of critical importance when it comes to facing an emergency: food, shelter and water.

A community-wide group, Pahranagat Valley Emergency Readiness, completely separate from any local church, or social organization, is actively seeking to inform valley residents, including Hiko and Rachel, of the need to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Organizer Pauline Broadhead said, “It doesn’t have to be a big event; it can be something that affects maybe only you and your immediate family. A person just never knows.”

The group is presently featuring 72-hour kits. They suggest one for the home and one for the car.

“Maybe somebody is ill, or out of work, or any number of other things. You don’t have to have a big disaster to be in need of those 72-hour kits,” she said.

The Emergency Readiness group presently consists of Broadhead, Amber Twitchell, Sandy Maxwell, Bianca Bowman, Ryan and Renae Rhodes and Rosemary Carreon.

Broadhead said, “We are strongly wanting to encourage people to take advantage of purchasing a specially made 72-hour pack and a kit for use in the car, to be at the ready when needed. We have the full backing of the Pahranagat Valley Fire and EMTs, Nevada Highway Patrol and sheriff’s department. I am preparing a letter to that effect that I can post all over town.”

Broadhead explained the emergency backpack is specially designed and has numerous pouches and storage space for whatever a person might need over a 72-hour period.

An insulated compartment handles frozen items. There is an outlet for a cell- phone adapter and a place for a battery pack.

Pahrangat Valley Emergency Readiness is not seeking to overstep the already developed emergency preparedness plans on how to manage a local large- scale emergency. Those plans were put into effect several years ago under the leadership of Roberta Park.

For example, in case of a major local disaster or emergency, the two gyms at Pahranagat Valley High School are to be the meeting place for people to go to get instructions about what steps to take next.

Broadhead said the 72-hour kits have the essential things a person is expected to need.

A suggested list includes a 3.2 liter bottle of water, Mylar sleeping bag (one for home and car), two Mylar blankets, a GI-quality Poncho, heat pack, pre-soaked dish wipes, safe heat for cooking, tin cup for cooking, multi-use knives, matches or fire starter, 3-12 hour light sticks, small towel, small soap, lotions, Kleenex, comb/brush, toilet paper (both kits), as well as other desired items.

She said the group will be ordering a variety of these suggested items through August at special discounted prices. “Or a person is welcome to buy items and/or the backpack from your favorite store, or use items you may already have at home.”

Item order forms are available at Great Basin Food and the Pahranagat Valley Credit Union in Alamo and at the Lil A’Le’ Inn in Rachel.