The Pioche Town Board held its regularly scheduled meeting on March 19. All members were present.

After last meeting’s minutes were approved, Chairman Tom Brown presented a letter he received from Bill Brown regarding concerns about Pioche leasing water rights. The letter was forwarded to the state water engineer.

Manager Nathan Adams presented the cash balance report.

Glenn Zelch confirmed power poles were paid out of power improvement funds.

Adams reported water meters are being read this month.

Brown asked how capital outlay project 056 is being funded. Candice Mortenson explained the fund involves county taxes paid to Pioche Public Utilities (PPU).

The board discussed reviewing the proposed budget for fiscal year 2019/20.

The final budget is due on April 15, 2019. A budget hearing will be held on April 1 and April 8. Dan MacArthur noted that he reviewed PPU’s budget and has no problem with it. Adams explained that he will need to compare MacArthur’s budget alongside PPU’s.

The board discussed differences in projections between the two tentative budgets. It was determined that a special meeting will be necessary with MacArthur to clarify how his projections are configured.

Cory Lytle addressed the board about a tentative date for community cleanup in May. Letters will be sent out. The response to them will narrow down how much cleanup needs to be done and how many agencies will need to be involved. If more people respond than expected, appropriate arrangements will need to be made to accommodate those who want to be involved.

Lytle emphasized that this is a project intended to get people to voluntarily clean up their properties, without having to rely on the district attorney or sheriff’s office. The goal is to take the first steps to initiate a volunteer community cleanup by offering disposal services of solid waste, debris and hazardous materials.

Adams and the board discussed problematic areas of flooding danger throughout town, the Nevada Department of Transportation’s responsibilities, and town responsibilities versus county responsibilities.

Dylan and Caralee Frehner requested and were granted a special-use permit on APN 001-082-01. The purpose of a special-use permit is to renovate an existing commercially zoned structure and occupy residential living quarters within a portion of the structure. The Frehner family will be residing in a part of their building and the other half will be a motel/inn.

A discussion regarding leasing water rights was tabled until the agenda is corrected to reflect the fact that the resolution specifically pertains to livestock.

Following up on last meeting’s discussion regarding pay scale and job description for Seasonal Utility Worker 1, Office Manager Kelbee Cheeney confirmed she added the pay scale. A motion was made and carried to approve the amended pay scale and job description. No immediate action was taken on beginning the interview process.

Adams asked the board to please read over the draft of the electrical study and to inform him if any errors are found. He discussed a date, possibly April 25, to schedule a special meeting with engineers, board members, commissioners and the public to present the study results.

Dylan Frehner is currently waiting on a title search for the 30 acres he purchased by the cemetery. In the near future, he would like to subdivide the property. Frehner requested PPU prepare and establish easements on the property.

The county is holding a tax sale on April 19.

Future agenda items will include scheduling two special meeting for the electrical engineer study, a budget meeting, interviewing and hiring Seasonal Worker 1, and a correction made to the agenda pertaining to the resolution regarding water leasing rights.

The meeting was then adjourned.