Dear Editor,

In my opinion, it would be too bad for the county commissioners to destroy the old Mountain View Hotel. It would be so sad to see it burned or bulldozed down. I agree that it is unsafe and needs to come down;

however, Pioche is a great old mining town and adding a scaled down, one or two-story façade would add another fun old building to the town.

Maybe the town beautification committee would come up with some ideas to use some of the wood, windows, doors and boardwalk for this.

The uptown restored building fronts add nostalgia and interest to Main Street.

Additionally, I am sure that some county residents would like to have a piece of the lumber to keep for a remembrance of the building, I certainly would.

The building could be parted out to interested parties also and this could bring some money to use for the building of the façade.

The old early western and pioneer buildings in our county are finite and before we realize it they will all be gone–torn down and replaced with modern buildings and/or parking lots.

There are those who think old dilapidated buildings are just junky eye-sores but once they are gone, part of our heritage will be also.

If the county commissioners buy the building then doesn’t it belong to the county and wouldn’t the residents have some interest and possibly input for the old hotel’s future?

Thank you.

Linda Lee