Collin Anderson
Two dogs up for adoption were featured at the Kick-off to Spring BBQ, put on by the Loving Care Animal Society.

The Loving Care Animal Society and thrift store held a barbecue April 6 to catch the attention and taste buds of the community.

The event simultaneously brought attention to the two dogs, Spooky and Kerby, that are currently up for adoption at the animal society.

While the adoption of the pups was at the forefront of the event, the barbecue also celebrated the leaps and bounds that Loving Care has taken since its inception. Outside of the thrift store, pictures were displayed of the original building from back in 2013, 2015 and in its current state in 2019.

Beyond the good that this organization does for the animals in our community, it goes even further by taking care of the residents of Panaca and the surrounding towns. From donations of clothing for those in need to work with Toys for Tots, the Loving Care Animal Society has fully integrated itself into the community.