The Lincoln County High School softball team showed poise away from home with two non-league wins earlier this week.

On April 22, the Lynx defeated the Virgin Valley Bulldogs at Mesquite, 13-1. The next day, Lincoln knocked off Pahranagat Valley in Alamo, 10-8.  

In Mesquite, the Lynx started the game off batting, with Macie Howard leading off. They did well, scoring four runs in the first inning. Sadie Soderborg pitched for the team and the ladies easily scored three more runs in the second inning before they headed out to the field.

As Virgin Valley was up to bat again, Soderborg struck out the first two batters and junior Ava Pearson got the third out, keeping the Lynx lead at 7-0.

The third inning went slower for the Lynx as they only scored one run, but they were able to keep the Bulldogs from scoring. Lincoln scored five more runs in the fourth inning and continued to hold the Bulldogs at zero, as they cruised to an emphatic win.

The next day, Lincoln scored four runs on Alamo in the first inning and got the first three batters out when KyLee Cameron caught a fly ball in left field and Kendra Mathews caught an infield fly.

The Panthers held the Lynx in the second inning, but the ladies kept their lead as Howard got two outs for the Lynx in center field.

Lincoln was held scoreless in the third inning and Alamo fought back with three runs. At the start of the fourth inning, the Lynx brough their lead back up with two more runs. Alamo was held scoreless and the fourth inning ended 6-3.

The Lynx were able to get three more runs in the fifth inning, putting them ahead by six. However, the Panthers pushed back and were able to score five runs as Lincoln made fielding errors.

Both teams were scoreless in the sixth inning. Then the Lynx scored one run in the last inning, ending the game 10-8.

“We had good strong first innings, but we got too comfortable and the scores got too close. However, we played hard and came out on top,” said Kendra Mathews. “I’m really happy with our team this year and I can’t wait to see how we continue to do.”

Lincoln is 13-6 overall and 6-2 in league play, putting the team second in the 2A Southern League behind Needles (13-5, 8-0). The next game will be Senior Night at home on April 26 against fifth place Laughlin (7-11, 2-4), starting at 3 p.m.

The Lynx travel to White Pine on April 30 for a non-league contest and finish the regular season at The Meadows (9-8, 5-2) on May 2. The Mustangs are right behind Lincoln at third in the league standings.

The 2A Southern League playoffs are May 9-11 at Mountain View High School in Las Vegas.