By Trevor Frank

Trevor Frank
From left: Joel Ferguson, Jim Damele, Bill Bailey and Krista Solars of the Red Rock Ramblers performing at Thompson’s Opera House.

On April 13, Thompon’s Opera House in Pioche became home for bluegrass band the Red Rock Ramblers.

The event began with a sort of social hour where members of the band mingled with the audience, and everyone enjoyed refreshments. At about 2 p.m., the band began tuning its instruments, all while interacting with the crowd.

The group began the concert with a toe-tapping cover of “There Is A Time,” originally by The Dillards. Throughout the whole concert the audience was taking pictures and clapping and tapping along to the beat. At one point, in between songs, Jim Damele, the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band, explained his love for bluegrass, stating, “That’s the thing about bluegrass. They’re the happiest tunes in the world, but the saddest songs you’d ever wanna hear.”

Throughout the entire concert, there was a crackling energy throughout the space with the audience laughing and dancing along with the songs and band members, who were cracking jokes and having fun as they played their set.

During one of the songs, one woman remarked, “This is fantastic!”

“I hope they come back again!” another audience remarked as one of the songs ended.