On April 11, the Lincoln County School Board gathered to plan upcoming events and hear reports from schools around the community.

CO Bastian gave a short report thanking the board for its attendance at the school’s most recent graduation.

Next, Pioche Elementary’s faculty reported on their recent science fair, as well as give details on the Sub-Zero presentation put on at their school. All of the students were pleased with the free ice cream they received after the presentation.

The school also reported that one of its students finished all of the available curricula in the Summit Learning Program, which is a feat in and of itself. The board congratulated both the student and the school for their diligence and looked forward to hearing similar reports in the future.

After hearing a short report from Meadow Valley Middle School about their successful talent show, schools in Alamo gave their reports, starting with a recounting of the boom fair, art fair and science fair held in the schools over the last month.

Focusing on the science fair specifically, the board watched a short presentation on the first-place science fair project, which asked the question, “Which wheat creates the biggest muffin?”, and the second-place project, which covered the differences between the tones and volumes of different-sized whistles.

Following the school reports, the board moved on to the business of the evening, starting with some questions about bills. One of the questions focused on the purchase of exercise equipment for CO Bastian, but this expense was explained when it was brought to the board’s attention that when receiving new students, the school is required to do a physical examination and requires specific equipment to do so.

The next question was about purchases from the Panaca Market, but once again this was explained as normal expenses incurred by the school board to purchase refreshments for various meetings and trainings.

The board then reviewed the capital improvements plan, which detailed a handful of prospective projects that the district intends to accomplish in the next year, followed by a class-size reduction report.

Next, the board approved the listing of a new part-time music teacher position to help with the elementary schools around the county.

Following this, the board approved the 2019 sixth grade trip to Washington, D.C., and agreed to an altered version of the contract between Alamo’s town board and the school district concerning the use of the town’s baseball fields.

The last major piece of business for the evening was the approval of the formation of the school safety committee, as well as the members’ terms of service. The board also approved the superintendent’s ability to assign specific people to the committee so that the board doesn’t have to meet every time a new member is put in place or when an old member leaves.

This committee, which has been in the process of being formed for the last year, is designed to help determine how best to keep schools safe. Members of law enforcement, faculty members, first responders and various other organizations will be present at meetings, as well as parents. The committee will begin meeting soon, though exact times and dates are not yet available.

With this, the board meeting came to an end. The next meeting is scheduled for May 9.