During the Pioche Town Board meeting April 1, Dan McArthur presented a tentative budget. The projected revenue for the town budget is driven by the Department of Taxation, which is concerned with revenue, not expenses.

Within the account, the following funds are specified: general, highways and streets, parks, swimming pool, town hall and cemetery. Each of these line items requires services and supplies, salaries and wages, employee benefits, utilities and a three percent allotment for contingencies.

Town Manager Nathan Adams suggested that any additional funding be allocated for a new pool filtration system for 2020. The board and Adams discussed maintenance and additional pool projects.

Board member John Christian expressed concern about how the water fund revenue is formulated. McArthur explained that taking an average over a three-year period is very consistent. Adams and McArthur agreed to make any necessary adjustments on the water fund before the final budget is submitted.

Chairman Tom Brown asked about creating a minimum reserve within the capital funds. McArthur explained the state can require entities to allocate at least eight percent of expenses as a minimum reserve at all times. He and the board discussed a further reserve for each fund that would create a safety net for any unexpected costs in the future.

McArthur and Adams discussed the adjustments that need to be made to the electrical fund due to harsh winter conditions in 2019.

Addressing the general fund, McArthur noted that three to five years ago, this fund was projected to go in the negative. However, because of strict money management, the fund is now positive.

McArthur will present the corrected budget on April 15 to the county commissioners. He and the board will meet at the end of April to finalize any adjustments before submitting the finalized budget to the county recorder by April 30.

Office Manager Kelbee Cheeney addressed a resolution pertaining to leasing water rights. At a previous meeting, it had been agendized incorrectly and was corrected and resubmitted for approval. A motion was carried to pass the resolution.

Another motion was carried to hire John Jewett for the seasonal Utility Worker 1 position at $15 per hour. Christian asked which fund Adams plans on using to pay a new employee. Adams explained payroll will be spread across all funds.

The Nevada Department of Transportation will meet at the yield sign uptown to discuss flood control. Board member Glenn Zelch will attend the meeting.

During his manager’s report, Adams explained that the state sent the Caselton tank and line drawings back to Sunrise due to some errors that were found in them.

Sunrise is currently addressing the errors and will notify Adams when they re-submit the drawings to the state.

Baseball practice has begun at the ball field.

Water leaks have been found in the park bathrooms and are being addressed.

Based on concerned citizens who have contacted the office regarding the water being used from fire hydrants, Adams discussed metering hydrant water.

During April, there will be two pole change-outs; one at the courthouse on April 10, the other by Hutchings Motel on April 11. Not many people were to be without power during these change outs, but those who are would experience a significant amount of time without power during these dates. The customers affected were to be contacted and informed about the outages.

Adams stated that Cory Lytle received positive feedback from citizens in response to a proposed town cleanup.

A future agenda item will be a special meeting for an electrical study presentation.