Lincoln County High School dominated this baseball season with an overall 24-2 record and a 13-1 league record. They finished off the season with two wins over The Meadows School May 2.

The Mustangs didn’t go down easily, with the Lynx pulling out hard-fought wins, 5-0 and 9-4.

“They were a good team. It definitely wasn’t a killing, but Mason Thornock pitched that game and did a really, really good job,” said Lincoln coach Raymond Wadsworth. “I think he only allowed one hit the whole game. We played some small ball to come out with some runs.”

Thornock struck out eight in the ballgame. Kobe Walker went 1-for-2 with a double. Dean Ottley hit 2-for-3 with one RBI.

In the second game, Lincoln established a lead in the first two innings, keeping the opponent scoreless. In the bottom of the third, Meadows managed to earn two runs. Lincoln tried to lengthen the lead in the next inning, but Meadows matched them. Nevertheless, Lincoln continued to score steadily in the last couple innings and won the game 9-4.

Alex Vincent and Talon Phillips pitched.

“Alex did great as well,” Wadsworth said. “Our defense was solid. The energy level was up as compared to the previous week against Laughlin, so that was encouraging.”

Dean Ottley and Kamdon Lewis each hit a double and had 3 RBIs, collectively.

Now a new level of competition begins as the Lynx head to the double-elimination regional tournament at Mountain View Christian School as the No. 1 seed. The team faced fourth-seeded Needles on May 9.

No. 2 seed Laughlin played three-seeded The Meadows on the other side of the bracket.

The tournament continues through Saturday, May 11, and Lincoln is looking to remain focused throughout.

“We’ve been talking about having that high energy from the first pitch to the last pitch, working on the little things, take care of the routine plays defensively and be ready to play our game,” Wadsworth said.

Up north, regional games start Friday, May 10. No. 1 seed Yerington faces fourth-seeded Battle Mountain. No. 2 seed Incline faces three-seeded West Wendover.