By Trevor Frank

Courtesy photo
Axel Pearson and Corbin McPherson won first and second place at the Casey Folks 100.

The Casey Folks 100 in Caliente attracted 145 racers on April 27.

This year, the race was in honor of Robert Holtfreter, treasurer of the Groundshakers desert race who is currently at UCLA undergoing cancer treatment. For the 15th year in a row, the race was organized by Holtfreter and Groundshakers president Dave “Korn Dawg” Martin.

Participants ranged from ages four to 80, and the races began at 7:30 a.m., starting with the 85cc, 65cc Expert and Amateur, and the Junior Women’s. This was followed by the 65cc Novice and the 50cc Expert and Amateur, which made up Race 2. In Race 3, there was only the 50cc Novice. The last race of the day was the AA Amateur, Expert and Novice.

Racing into first place for the Big Bikes was Axel Pearson. Right behind him was Corbin McPherson.

The day went smoothly, with only a few minor injuries.

Martin thanked the City of Caliente and its residents, Lincoln County, the Bureau of Land Management, the Lincoln County Search and Rescue, Motorsports Safety Solutions, Agua Caliente, the whole Groundshakers team, the racers, cheerleaders, supporters and most of all, the late Casey Folks for starting the event back in 1965.