An individual injured a local EMT after becoming combative during transport to Las Vegas.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported that April 27, around 11 p.m, a 911 call was received about an abandoned vehicle sitting in the middle of the northbound travel lane of U.S. 93, about 20 miles south of Alamo.

The vehicle, a 2014 Toyota Tacoma with California plates, had no lights on, the engine turned off and the doors locked.

Sheriff’s deputies responded and found that Pro-Towing from Alamo, returning from a tow to Las Vegas, had come upon the scene and moved the vehicle to the east side of the road before another vehicle could collide with the blacked-out car.

After running the plates, deputies found the vehicle was registered to 34-year old Brandon Hazukaminch, address not given.

Lincoln County Dispatch Center advised the officers on the scene, including the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), that the man was possibly suicidal. Previously that day, he had eluded a highway patrol in Utah and headed into Nevada.

Officers began searching the area with high-powered spotlights and discovered Hazukaminch about 100 yards away in the desert to the west in a confused state of mind.

He was taken into custody without incident and transported by Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Ambulance toward a medical/mental health facility in Las Vegas.

However, during transport, deputies reported Hazukaminch became combative and uncooperative with the deputy in the ambulance as well as the on-board EMT, injuring the EMT before being subdued. The EMT received medical attention at the hospital.

Assistance was called for, and troopers from Las Vegas NHP, Metro Police and North Las Vegas Police met the ambulance south of the Garnett I-15 interchange. Hazukaminch attacked the troopers and one finally had to deploy his Taser in order to subdue him.

The sheriff’s office noted since Hazukaminch was combative, fought with officers and the EMT in Clark County, criminal charges might be filed in the Clark County jurisdiction.