Dear Editor,

No question – not a community clean-up, this is definitely code enforcement.

Any resident offended by my opinion the actions of the Pioche Advisory Board’s CEP committee is employing Gestapo tactics, please note that during Commission meeting of 11-19-18, Pioche’s lame-duck Commissioner, Paul Donohue, stated “part of the PROPAGANDA will include citizens not only doing their part, and taking care of their own (property), but also being willing to help others with their clean-up.”

Turns out the county has had code enforcement and abatement procedures for 10 – 15 years and has chosen not to implement them till this time. Are these actions due to the persistence of the chamber’s chairman? These codes pertain to “public health hazard,” “fire hazard,” and “not abiding by community standards,” The LC code provides for the Town’s Advisory Board to begin the abatement process, submit same violations to LCC or hearing and then, on to the civil courts. These codes provide for fines which could exceed over $5,000 and possible arrest.

On May 6, planning director Cory Lytle, advised me that he and Candace Mortensen, chairman of Pioche Chamber of Commerce, were the two members of the CEP committee. On May 10, I was advised (in writing), the board has not designated specific members to a CEP Committee so they can’t identify members of the committee.

Questionable sections of the code provide for the fire chief to designate a “Fire Prevention Inspector,” subject to the approval of the LCC, and for the fire chief to designate such number of “inspectors” as shall, from time to time, be authorized by the Advisory Board. Does this mean the fire chief will be required to assign our volunteer firemen to act as qualified Fire Prevention Inspectors?

The code allows “the fire protection inspector or any inspector may, at any and all reasonable hours, enter in or upon any building or premises within his jurisdiction for the purpose of making any inspection or investigation which he or they deem necessary to the made. Code 5-3-12 provides that “any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, subject to a penalty.”

Nevada law provides the board of health is to determine if a property is safe for habitation. In the absence of a board of health, does the county intend to use the county health nurse to act in this capacity, as that position is the only position in the county that is remotely comparable to a board of health?

As to the nuisance abatement code indicates that the conditions or property detrimental to health are: Every act or thing done, or every condition created, permitted or allowed, or any property that is detrimental to the public health, safety, morals or convenience. Begs the question as to whose morals and whose convenience?

Get ready for those fines, penalties, possible arrest and seizure of property…..

Respectfully submitted to the Residents of Lincoln County,

Carol White