CAPTION – Morgan Stackhouse

Junior Sadie Soderborg pitching during the state tournament last weekend in Las Vegas. Lincoln County High lost to Silver Stage to end their season.

The Lincoln County High School softball team lost to White Pine and Silver State to end their season in the state tournament May 16-18 in Las Vegas.

The Lynx were right in both contests, but fell by scores of 15-10 and 10-9, the latter game being decided in extra innings.

Against White Pine, the Ladycats batted first and the Lynx held them to only one run. Lincoln was then able to pull ahead after junior Sadie Soderborg made a two-RBI hit, ending the first inning with the Lynx ahead. In the second inning, both teams scored one run.

Both teams were scoreless in the third inning, so the Lynx remained ahead. However, White Pine scored four runs on the Lynx in the fourth inning after a batter hit a three-RBI home run, followed by another home run.

The Ladycats got in another three runs in the fifth inning, but Lincoln then scored two runs. Even so, in the sixth and seventh innings, White Pine scored six additional runs to the Lynx’s five, ending the game ahead 15-10.

The Lynx had another chance on Friday, playing Silver Stage.

Silver Stage scored five runs in the first inning. The second inning went better as the Lynx scored one run and were able to keep Silver Stage scoreless.

In the third inning, Silver Stage pulled ahead 7-1.

The Lynx rallied, scoring six runs in the fourth inning to tie the score 7-7 as Soderborg hit a two-RBI home run. The teams were both scoreless in the fifth inning.

In the sixth inning, Lincoln scored two runs, putting them finally ahead. Kaydince Davis caught two fly balls in right and KyLee Cameron caught a fly ball in left for the last out.

Lincoln was scoreless in the seventh inning and Silver Stage was then able to score two runs in the bottom of the seventh to tie the score again and bring the teams into extra innings.

Silver Stage scored one run, ending the game 10-9.

The Lady Lynx plan on working hard in the off season, preparing themselves for next year. They want to continue to keep up their good attitude and hard work.