Mary Cordle
The Tacos ’n Ritas Spring Social, put on by the Caliente Beautification Committee, attracted over 250 people.

Thanks to the Caliente Beautification Committee, the town came alive Saturday for the Tacos ’n Ritas Spring Social.

With music playing in the background, lines formed for margaritas, Indiana Adam’s carne asada street tacos and PTO doughnut holes.

Kris Conner and Mikel Wynn from the Shamrock Pub were kept busy keeping up with drink orders.

The VFW Auxiliary helped Adams slice and dice, going through 50 pounds of meat for the tacos and serving over 250 people. The Life Café coffee truck, across the road, was kept just as busy.

Jamie Wood, Kris Connor and Anna Perkins spent many hours on the event and the organizers are hopeful this will be the first of many more.