Dave Maxwell
Kershaw-Ryan State Park is undergoing a series of upgrades.

Kershaw-Ryan State Park near Caliente will continue to undergo upgrades.

Park Ranger Andrew Porter reports they have been updating the campgrounds. “We’re adding water and electrical hookups to the campsites. We have Wi-Fi available that we installed last year. We’re looking to have all the upgrades done by early June. Having the electrical hookups will be sure to bring us more visitors than has been normal, even in the heat of summer because they’ll be able to run their air-conditioning units.”

Situated in a colorful canyon, with towering walls up to 700 feet high and a long, verdant valley in between, Kershaw-Ryan State Park is an oasis in the desert, a sharp contrast to the rugged landscape that surrounds it. Natural springs grow a garden of wild grapevines, white oaks, fruit trees and willows, and a spring-fed pond provides a refreshing children’s wading pool. It is not unusual to see wild horses, deer and other wildlife visit the watering hole. With plenty of places to picnic and a series of trails that wind throughout, the park is a great choice for hiking, camping and nature study.

Porter said the BLM contractors working on the mountain bike trails around Caliente will start making their way toward Kershaw-Ryan with a connector trail. “A nine-mile trail will be constructed. I believe they’ll be working on that this fall. That will be great for us with all the trails interlocking by the fall of 2020.”

He said, “Even now we have a lot of mountain bikers coming to the park to ride the six-and-half miles of trails we have in our backcountry. We don’t have a trailhead or a parking area there as yet, but it is rideable, and the park staff is working to build some ramps and bridges and crossings. We’re very excited about the progress that is being made.”

He added, “The BLM has 13 miles of trails completed so far and connecting with Kershaw-Ryan will provide a new opportunity for bikers. There’s a demand for new trails. Mountain bikers like to try new things. They want more options.”

He pointed out that, “During the spring, we had almost half of our campers in the park being mountain bikers. Some are casual; some are more adventurous. Many are from Nevada, but a large number come from Utah and a few from California. We receive a lot of real positive feedback from those who do go biking in the area.”

For more information about Kershaw-Ryan State Park, call (775) 726-3564 or visit their website at www.https://stateparks.com/kershaw-ryan_state_park_in_nevada.html.