Planning Commission

The planning commission met May 15.

It gave final approval to the Mobile Food Truck Ordinance.

Rodney Mehring from Blue Lizzard Farms explained that those who are interested in growing, producing or handling industrial hemp in Nevada are able to do so under Nevada’s Department of Agriculture. Mehring’s concern was the pollen that could be blown into his hemp, thereby contaminating his crop. Brenda Northrop of Clover Creek Organics assured him they have precautions in place and plan on being good neighbors.

George Tommy Rowe, ex-mayor, said “That’s what it takes, being good neighbors.” Rowe added, “I’d like to remind the commission this is a small community … we don’t want a lot of government regulation, and we don’t need them.”

The planning commission tabled the next agenda items about delegating a committee to create an ordinance regarding the growth of hemp in the county.

The review and revision of the city’s master plan was also tabled.

The next planning committee meeting will be June 5 at 5 p.m.

Caliente City Council

Caliente City Council met May 16.

Victoria Gilpatrick from the Shamrock Pub was granted a permit to serve beer and wine at the NRA Dinner on June 8 at the Caliente Volunteer Fire Hall.

Christine Harrington with Trail Cats (LCAT Mountain Bike Subcommittee) Harrington requested a $1,200 donation from the room tax fund for a Sept. 20-21 event in order “to spread the word to other communities and industrial partners … [and] introduce bikers to the area and trails and what this area has to offer.” The event will be free of charge and will act as a kind of soft opening, with a larger event planned for next year.

Mayor Victor Jones noted that such events are exactly what the room tax fund is intended to support.

The council approved Harrington’s request as well as the use of the Super Park and adjacent street to host the event and dinner.

Isaac Mehring’s request for a business license for his Battle Born Bumper Company was approved, contingent on him obtaining his state business licence.

A medical marijuana business license and recreational marijuana business license were granted to Clover Creek Organics/ Brenda Northrop.

A resolution was passed directing the creation of a capital expenditure fund for Caliente that will not exceed $2,000,000 at any given time. Any monies in excess of the $2,000,000 will be distributed first to the debt reduction fund, second, to the emergency fund and lastly to the marijuana oversight fund.

The emergency relief fund will not exceed $1,000,000 at any given time. Any monies within this fund will only be used to mitigate costs incurred by the city as a result of any natural disaster, including fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, snowstorms, heatwaves, drought, etc.

The debt reduction fund will not exceed $500,000 at any given time and will solely be used by the city to pay off debt.

A resolution was passed directing the creation of an enterprise fund for the building department, funded by the payment of building permits. Any monies in this fund will only be used for those activities and expenses directly associated with the buildings department, including but not limited to the inspection, preparation, issuance of a building permit and oversight of the project.

Also approved was a resolution for the creation of a room tax board to serve as an advisory board regarding the distribution of room tax funds.

The council approved the request from the Caliente Little League to use the Dixon Park Concession Stand and have all fees, totalling $400, waived from April 22-May 25, 2019.

There will be a budget meeting May 30 at 6 p.m.

The next council meeting will be June 6 at 6 p.m.