Dave Maxwell
Lincoln County Little League All-Stars, sponsored by Lynn’s Auto in Caliente. The team will compete in the Summer Sizzler 12-and-under tournament June 21-22 in Cedar City. Team uniforms had not arrived yet for this photo. Jacob Viles is absent.

Lincoln County is fielding a Little League All-Star team this year, sponsored by Lynn’s Auto in Caliente. But the team will not take part in the District III tournament as they have done in some previous years.

Instead, Coach Amanda Williams said the team will participate in the nine-team 12-and-under Summer Sizzle Tournament in Cedar City, Utah, June 21-22. That will be the only tournament they compete in unless the coaches decide otherwise.

“Last year we went to a tournament in Beaver, Utah. But this year that tournament was moved up a week and did not fit into our schedule,” Williams said.

After the Lincoln County Major League boys season concluded, Williams said the coaches from Panaca, Pioche, Caliente and Alamo got together to submit names of players they thought should be placed on the team and the players were then picked by consensus.

Williams added, “This year, Pioche was in first place at the close of the regular season, but the Pioche coaches, who would have been the All-Star Team coaches … were not going to be available, so it fell to the No. 2 team, and me as the coach.”

Practices began June 10 in Alamo. Williams said Brodey Maxwell and Reed Perkins are her assistant coaches, “and it’s really those men who will take the boys to Cedar City, as I have a conflict that weekend. Both Brodey and Reed do a good job with the kids and the boys love them.”

“I was the Alamo coach this year,” she said, “as no other wanted to, so I stepped in and asked Brodey and Reed to assist me.”

Williams said she was a softball player in her high school days in Las Vegas. Her son Cody played ball at Pahranagat Valley High School (PVHS), graduating in 2017, and daughter Madison, also an athlete, graduated from PVHS in 2018.

The All-Star players from Alamo include A. J. Thornton, Junior Higbee, Flint Higbee, C. J. Christian and Jesse Stewart.

From Pioche: Rowdy Lloyd, Hagen Smith, Joey Tadderatz.

From Caliente: Jacob Viles and Aarian Jackson

From Panaca: Ben Finlinson, Carson Mathews and Kenyon Almaraz.

Chosen as alternates were Weston Morley, Aavon Almaraz and Jayden Jackson.