The Lincoln County Conservation District (LCCD) is conducting a natural resource needs assessment survey and needs your input, for which you could win $250.

The LCCD just completed an assessment to identify resource concerns in each Lincoln County watershed using focus groups of individuals who live and work in those areas. Now it is seeking input from the public at large via an online survey.

The survey is for anyone who lives in Lincoln County and is eighteen years of age or older. While the survey is completely anonymous, it asks for the general area where you live. It’s important for the LCCD to hear from people all over the county.

A similar survey is also being done in Las Vegas. It’s crucial that Lincoln County’s responses are numerous enough to be statistically valid and are a true statement of what Lincoln County cares about most.

The results of this questionnaire will be used to shape natural resource management decisions in ways that will affect Lincoln County citizens.

Business-size cards with the website and password are being passed around the county now. If you need one, please contact a conservation district supervisor – Maggie Orr, Susan Hansen, Jessica Mathews, Justin Frehner, Kelly Miller, John Sanders or Jason Twitchell. Steve Meldrum has cards available in Alamo or stop by the Extension office or BLM in Caliente.

Conservation Districts were founded in the 1930s in response to the Dust Bowl. Lincoln County is one of almost 3,000 Conservation Districts across the USA. The board of supervisors is locally elected and is tasked with identifying resource concerns within Lincoln County and finding ways to best solve problems by organizing local conservation actions.

As a thanks for completing the survey you can enter a raffle for $250. The survey will close July 20.