The Lincoln County Chapter of Representing Public Employees of Nevada (RPEN) met June 22 at the Pioche Pavilion for its quarterly meeting/ annual picnic. Guests at the meeting were Terri Laird, state executive director, and Hal Keaton from the Mesquite Chapter.

Laird spoke to the group about the last legislative session. She told the members that neither SB83 nor AB75, two of the bills RPEN was tracking, made it through the session. Laird mentioned that Marlene Lockart, who is one of RPEN’s lobbyists, reported SB224 was signed by the governor. This bill, known as the confidential information bill, allows only member names and retirement amount to be released as public information. All personal information is excluded. Also passing the legislature and signed by the governor was SB135, the collective bargaining for public employees bill.

The next meeting of RPEN will be held at the Pine Tree Inn and Bakery in Panaca September 21 at noon. All members are encouraged to attend.

RPEN is open to current and retired state employees. For further information contact Pete Getker at 775-728- 4610.