Vincent Webb of Utah was arrested following an early-morning vehicle pursuit June 25 in Panaca, Caliente and down Rainbow Canyon.

Fleeing from a domestic violence incident in Utah, 20-year-old Vincent Webb eluded officers in Cedar City in the early morning hours of June 25 and made his way to the Nevada-Utah border.

As Webb crossed over the state line, Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies picked up the pursuit and followed him through Panaca, down U.S. 93 to Caliente, then down Rainbow Canyon [SR317] to Elgin and on down toward the Kane Springs road to U.S. 93 near Western Elite.

Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee reported Webb crossed into Nevada about 1 a.m., fleeing a felony probation violation and a domestic altercation with a family member in Cedar City.

Deputy Derek Foremaster said as deputies in three patrol vehicle followed Webb, “he was driving erratically in Panaca and Caliente, swerving from lane to lane, dodging in and out of parking lots, playing sort of cat and mouse. He then turned onto Rainbow Canyon and headed down to Elgin and kept going when it turned to gravel road.”

Foremaster said he was called in to try to intercept Webb down south where the Kane Springs road comes out on 93 near Western Elite. “I went up the Kane Springs road about 28 miles and deployed my spike strip. We had been unable to get a vehicle in front of him earlier, and it’s not our typical policy to use roadblocks, preferring spike strips instead.”

Foremaster said the vehicle speeds in the chase ranged from about 15-80 mph in parking lots and on paved roads, to about 10-15 mph on the gravel road.

“When he got to my location where the spike strip was laid out, that flattened three of the four tires and then he wasn’t able to go very much farther. Then he stopped, jumped out of the vehicle and started running into the desert. I followed on foot with other deputies who had been following down the gravel road. We chased him for half a mile or so, only about 10-15 feet behind him, and he got winded and surrendered without incident.”

Webb was booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center and charged with reckless driving, felony eluding, failure to maintain travel lane and basic speed.

He also faces charges in Utah when he is returned there. As of July 9, he was still in custody at the detention center.